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This is the main page for the corals in our reef.

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8/24/09 - Some of these I've pulled from the old 50 gallon page. Today I added some pics from the new tank. The torch and the duncan seem to be acclimating well. The zoanthids and ricordias are going a little slow.

9/1/09 - I'm trying to do my first "frag". Got some super glue gel and a razor and glued some trimmings to a new rock of the green start polyps. See the pics below.

9/7/09 - We added some new zoanthids last week. Already forgot the names of 2 of them, I'll have to look them up. We got a blue (Tub's Blues?), orange/red (Kedd red?) and an eagle eye. The Torch fell off it's perch last week and I think one of the heads too a hit. It's now white and very short. Used super glue this time and glued it to a small rock so I can move it easily if I want.

9/16/09 - Picked up a frag of watermelon zoas with 2 green palys attached.

9/18/09 - "Spliced" the palys from the watermelons onto their own rock. A couple of pods came running out. Fed them to the fish :). Also got 2 new T5s - ATI blue pluses. Gives off much more fluorescence than the actinic lights.
I'm fairly certain I've found the names of 2 more of the zoas. The new paly is most likely an "Emerald Sunrise". The first zoa we got I think is an Envy Orange.

9/20/09 - I had to do some moving. The location of the Duncan's was starting to interfere with 2 of the polyps opening completely due to it being fairly close to some rocks. The new reds have already produced 4 new polyps (the color is still kind of lame though), the blues have 3 new polyps, the eagle eyes have at least 2 new ones and no one is eating the hair algae off of the watermelons yet.
All of the coral except the kedd reds really look awesome with the new ATI blue pluses too. May not have to add any more lights.

10/21/09 - Somehow we managed to loose a head on the torch. I think it was from when it got knocked over and spent some time upside down in the sand. Can't be sure though. But I think there is a new one starting.
All the new zoas have new babies, so they appear to be happy. The eagle needs to All the new zoas have new babies, so they appear to be happy. The eagle needs to be moved, scooter (the goby) kicks up too much sand I think. The watermelons had to have a haircut again too. I can't get rid of the hair on it.
Also discovered a hydroid on the sun coral. I'll have to take it out this weekend and scrape it off. And the green star polyps that I fragged are really taking off.

11/9/09 - Moved a few frags to new sports. Getting closer to making some spots permanent. Bought a candy cane, a rainbow acan and a new zoa. I think the zoa is a "lunar eclipse".

11/18/09 - Added 5 new zoas from a pkg deal. Not going to name them all here, but I finally got the blue hornets I've been eye balling. The growth on the green start polyps is amazing. I'm going to have to isolate the rock they're on.

12/2/09 - Been playing with the lighting. I now have 3 ATI blue pluses and a ATI 12k Actinic white. Really blue, but it makes everything pop great.
12/2/09 - I realized that the old Olympus camera has a white balance adjustment, so I took some shots with it. The Sony does not. The latest shots below (and most future ones) will be with the Olympus. The colors shown are very close to what we see with the lighting we have.
1/3/10 - Added a new coral this weekend (my Christmas present to myself :) - picked up a Ora Oregon Blur Tort (it's a acropora I believe). Beautiful blue - that's all that matters to me.

1/12/10 - All the coral seem to be happy. Although I think the torch is questionable, but it has a baby underneath that is growing. The duncan has somewhere between 7-10 new polyps. Actually the new polyps have new polyps too. The slowest growth zoa is clearly the lunar eclipse, even the blue hornet is growing new babies. Going to frag the radioactive dragon eyes soon I think.

2/26/10 - Picked up a new coral - a Pavona. Very green and pretty under the blue lights. While I'm at war with the hair algae, the frags that haven't attached to rocks got moved to a piece of egg crate so they don't get knocked over.
Most of the zoas are doing really well. I sold the sun coral last month. I figured with my algae issues, less food in the water coluMost of the zoas are doing really well. I sold the sun coral last month. I figured with my algae issues, less food in the water column would probably help (shrimp steals most of it anyway). The torch is slowly starting to look a little better and the duncan is sprouting new heads like crazy. Up to 11 or 12 now. Can's seem to get the ricordias to do anything though. I'm gonna have to start feeding them to try to get some growth.

3/6/10 - More new coral! Went to the Tampa Bay Reef Club swap meet today. Picked up a montipora, a Christmas Miribilis and a joker zoa. No pics of the joker yet, it was still closed up.

4/2/10 - No new coral :( - but it's reached that time of year when the sun hits the tank. Enjoy
4/14/10 - More sunset pics!
4/18/10 - I took a few pics under the blue pluses.
6/19/10 - Most of the coral is enjoying great growth. The duncan is around 15 heads now. It also appears like the torch is ok after losing a few heads after getting knocked into the sand. Trying to find permanent places for everything so they stop getting knocked over. The Miribillis and the monti cap are really growing great for SPS under T5s. I can't seem to get a good pic of the monti. The ricordias are toast, apparently my water is too clean.

8/7/10 - Picked up some corals from Reef Diversity recently (pics to come soon). I have acquired a Pink lemonade SPS, a blue enchinada (enchinata?), some other SPS, a sunset montipora, a grape ape favia and a yellow eye challice and several zoas. All the coral seems to be growing well, although there are still spots of HA. Except for the Green Star polyps. They are withering away (lack of nutrients?), getting smaller and smaller all the time.

I've also split out almost of the corals out into their own page, by type. See the links at the top to get to them.
I've also split out almost of the corals out into their own page, by type. See the links at the top to get to them.

green star polyps - after everything got moved to the 29 gallon tank, it tripled in size. After moving to the 75, I fragged a few little strips off to another rock with a little super glue gel. It already appears to be spreading.
The Ricordeas: