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I've assembled this page from all 3 tanks. For some reason, we haven't snapped a lot of shots of the fish. For one, the don't sit still. Put first fish were the blue-green chromis. They're very hardy and easy to feed. I actually started with 2 along with the skunk cleaner shrimp. Then a couple of days later, I added 3 more.

A couple of weeks later, I couldn't stand it anymore and got an ocellaris clownfish. she hasn't stopped bossing around the chromis ever since. Keeps them in shape I suppose.

9/20/09 - We picked up a six line wrasse yesterday. The pod population is now on notice. He's a little fella, about 1.5". He' benn busy since acclimation picking on the rocks. Really hard to get a good picture. one day, I'll put this page in some sort of order.
Come April 2009, we added the royal gramma. Mia named her "Sparkle". Sparkle does not like her environment getting upset. After we had the 2 leaks (2 nettings) in the 50, we didn't see her for 3 weeks, except for the occasional showing up for feeding. She ended up trapped in a rock and I didn't even know it when I was moving everyone to the 75. No netting and after 2 weeks, she will actually come out for more than a few minutes now.
By Sept 2009, a couple of the chromis have grown fairly well in size and everyone is still alive.
1/11/10 - We picked up a Yellow tang on Saturday. Very young, about 1" excluding the fins. It's taken about a day to acclimate to the new environment, but seems to be at home fairly quick.
4/14/10 - We sold "Porky", it looks like he was picking on Mr Shrimpy and he didn't eat any hair algae (just fertilized). So he had to go. He was a bit of a spaz anyway.

It's also the time of year when the sun setting hits the tank. The gramma was the only to hold still enough for a pic.
8/23/10 - We picked up a lyretail anthias this last weekend, Gorgeous fish. She hasn't come out for food after 2 days. Finally started on a few flakes.
10/8/10 - Took 10 days to get "Lily" (the Anthias) to eat. Now she's quite a piggy. Eats anything that hit's the water. We did lose a chromis. I think between the chromis in-fighting and the clown picking on it, it got some nasty boo-boos and couldn't hang on.

A few weeks ago I picked up a baby hippo tang. He didn't seem to terribly healthy after getting him home. The sixline was also picking on him quite a bit. He died after a week. Cute little guy. We'll try again sometime.
5/29/10 - Got 2 more anthias a while ago. Lily has now been renamed Pat while it changes to male. See the pic below - this is the same anthias in the pics above.