Aquarium - Inverts

Our Aquarium Invertebrates...

Found a new starfish in the tank. And apparently there is more than 1, I've seen babies.
We have one scarlet with some baggage...
We have 3 kinds of hermit crabs.
Blue legs, they are very colorful and interesting characters. I have bought 15 (at least). A couple have have managed to get rather large, most of the rest don't seem to have grown at all. Male/female thing?
Red legs hermits. I originally bought 5. They never changed shells or grew. But they were very good at eating diatoms.
Left handed crabs. Originally got 5 (I think I got 2 and the rest were blue legs). They're very timid and tend to stay on the rocks. They never come down for food that made it to the bottom.
Scarlet reef hermits.
We have several snails. 1 big mexican turbo, 5 astrea, 10 nerite snails and several dozen tiny cerith snails. Also added 3 olive snails.
My favorite invert is certainly our pet shrimp, A.K.A. - Mr. Shrimpy as Mia likes to call him. He's a skunk cleaner shrimp and has tons of personality and will eat out of my hand. He's turned into quite a little pig. He eats so much, he's molting every 2 weeks on a regular basis.
We got several other creatures from various live rock and coral purchases. I've noticed brittle stars, various types of pods, bristle worms, peanut worms and at least 2 types of feather dusters.