Aquarium - LPS

Our LPS (large polyp stony) corals with pictures and growth history.

10/8/10 - Seem to be having issues keeping this open. Going to have to try a different location I think.
10/16/2010 - I decided to to return it to the fish store and get credit for it since it was still alive. The guy thought I should try a red one. Says they are from off the reef. We'll see.
1/11/2011 - The red one did the same. Ended up returning it after 3 weeks.
Australian Rainbow Acan
10/8/10 - Moved to a different location. A little less flow and light. I'm trying to see if I can get some more color.
1/11/11 - Haven't seen any difference in color yet. However, the babies do seem to have more green to them.
Candy Cane
10/8/10 - the heads on this thing are splitting like crazy.
3/7/11 - I believe I killed it (over)dosing kalkwasser. At this point, I don't think it'll recover. I'll have to get another one of these.
This was one of the first corals we picked up. It was a tiny little frag at FAOIS (fish and other itchy stuff) for $10. As you can see from the pics, it's tripled in size, easily. I started feeding it pellets and always gave it a dose of mysis when I fed the tank and sometimes, a little diced gulf shrimp.
It took about 2 months, but the "babies" started growing real fast.

10/16/2010 - This thing now has 20-25 heads. I've had to find some rubble rock and drill a large hole in it to stick the base in and super glue it. It got so big, it kept breaking off of the frag plug.

3/7/11 - This thing is still growing like a weed. Had to move it down a bit so that it won't grow into my pink lemonade. Also ended up taking it off of the frag plug and gluing it into a hole in a rock.
Torch coral

We picked up the coral as a 6 head colony in April of 2009 (thanks John!). I has a little barnacle in the middle of one of the heads. Doesn't seem to bother it too much. Can't seem to get it to feed on anything. I still shoot some rotifers at it though.
It came unglued from it's perch after moving into the 75 in August and I think one of the heads has become rather unhappy about it. I glued to it's own small rock so if I want to move it around, it'll be a bit easier. I'm also playing with the flow somewhat, trying to make it fell like it's not in a wind tunnel or anything.

3/7/11 - I did some damage to it again. this time I may have dosed kalkwasser too quickly and shocked it. 2 heads are still alive, we'll see what happens. Pisses me off too - the heads were just starting to split.
Grape Ape Favia:
3/7/11 - Not sure how this is going. Almost seems to be shrinking a tad.
Golden Eye Watermelon Challice
3/7/11 - This gorgeous piece has more than doubled in size and actually probably needs fragged soon. Beautiful under the LEDs, seems peaceful too. Saw a pic of this type the the Jan 11 issue of Coral.