Projects - Floor Retile

We decided to re-tile our tiled areas (kitchen, entry and family room).

Most bids were competitive, but we ended up choosing Bowes Expert Ceramic Tile. Michael (owner), came out on a Saturday to do the estimate and got back that afternoon with his bid (very quick). We choose his company that Monday. He showed up to meet us at Floor and the employees there were very familiar with him and that gave me a huge confidence boost.

Day 1 - They took up all the tile the first day. They decided to leave the old thinset to help bring the new tile to the same level as the bamboo when we put it in (and a little hope that it was somewhat level?).
Day 2. Kinda slow I thought at first, but it's a very good work. It's all even, level and straight - apparently our floor is not.
Day 3 - only a few more rows, but you can see the focus is on quality and doing all the non-cuts first.
Day 4.
Day 5 - no work done on the weekend, so day 5 is Monday.
I tired of doing days, here's what's done by the end of week 2.
Jack (the tile guy) did a really fantastic job. He took his time and was very meticulous in laying the tile down. He managed to limit difficult cuts, the floor is even (mostly) and it looks great. Now I have to install all the new baseboard.
Update 10/15/2012 - We've had a couple of tiles begin to flake the coating in some spots. I sent an email to the Floor and Decor store manager detailing the issue with pictures. Also had our installer (Bowes Expert Ceramic Tile) come out and take a look at it. He also went to the store and discussed it with them on our behalf.

At first, I was told that we would need to get a third party inspector to come out and certify that the tile was defective (at our expense) and then the report would be submitted to the home office, which would in turn, replace the whole floor (if they deemed so).

Today (10/15), I got a call from Michael at Floor and Decor. They will start by replacing the defective tiles (now up to 6) and if it becomes a larger problem, we'll look at replacing the whole floor.
11/30 - They came out and replaced the bad tiles and so far, after a month we've not spotted anymore that are defective. I've also not received the "writing" I was promised. Looks like I'm going to have to chase that down. Hopefully we won't need it.